Mobile App

Vidyalaya School Management Software is now with smarter technology solutions on your palm..! – A Vidyalaya Mobile App. Looking at the current technology trend and busy parent schedule Vidyalaya school mobile app comes with all latest communication features on your smartphone. It keeps students and parents updated all-time with latest news, circular, attendance, fees, homework, classwork and more school stuff. Vidyalaya mobile app is quick and easy to use – it saves time, reduces revenue and delivers an instant result. Reach one to one or one to all, anytime anywhere with school communication apps. It’s smarter communicator, connecting student, parents, and teacher.

Unique Features


Personalized school app with school logo


Easy availability on Google Play Store.


User Friendly


Alert and Pop ups for new update


Support all type of attachment


Quick and Secure


Single app for multiple account


Timely update with enhanced features

The Smarter communicator connects

School,Parents and Teachers

anytime anywhere

Mobile App for all

Benefit to Student

– View Assignment ,Homework & class work. 
– Instant Result and timetable 
– School event & Activity 
– School calendar 
– Latest news & circulars 
– Birthday list 
– My classmates & My teachers

Benefit to Teachers

– Saves time for one to one parent meetings 
– Send instant circular 
– Upload homework, classwork & assignment 
– Publish blog & Opinion Poll 
– Discussion forum to share ideas 
– Assign task & view task

Benefit to Parents

– Daily attendance status 
– Result and fee details 
– Child’s behavior & Activity 
– Get latest news & circulars 
– Upcoming event & activity 
– View photo gallery & answer poll 
– Raise query & complains

Benefit to Management

– Saves time for one to one meeting 
– Faster single line communication 
– Clear visibility over the performance and process 
– Lowers financial & environmental cost of paper 
– Helps school branding 
– Increase trust and credibility 
– Strengthen bond between Students,Parents and   teachers